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about us

ANGELS HOUSE PRODUCTION is a production company specializing in international and local co-production with a MANDATE: “to make quality, spiritual and commercially viable feature productions for the global market place”


To re-create a Godly world where people have a clear understanding of where their Talents come from and maximize the HOW, WHERE, WHEN, and to WHOM their talents should bring glory for the actualization of earthly dominion.


Working towards creating a platform for believers to maximize their talents to the glory of God.


Our Creativity Knows No Borders

Video Post Production

Offering complete video post-production services to bring your vision to life.

Visual Effect

Transforming your visuals with stunning visual effects that captivate audiences.

Radio Jingles

Make a lasting impression with our catchy and memorable radio jingles.

Movie Soundtrack

Enhance your film's atmosphere and emotion with our captivating movie soundtrack service.


Define your brand identity and leave a lasting impression with our strategic branding solutions.


Crafting compelling screenplays that breathe life into your stories.

Music Production

Elevate your project with our top-notch music production service, delivering original scores and soundtracks.


Empower your team with our specialized training programs, designed to enhance skills and capabilities.

You Deserve Unique and Outstanding Music & Sound


Experience the Magic of Global Storytelling


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Welcome to our inspirational podcast service, where we ignite your passion, spark creativity, and empower you to embrace life’s journey. Tune in to discover uplifting stories, insightful interviews, and practical wisdom that will motivate and energize you.

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